Sail Away with Me

by Abigail Gronway

Please come aboard my boat and let me take you to the sea.
We’ll sail upon the winds of love until we’re finally free
From all the eyes that would disdain to see us be content.
And so, my dear, I ask again: Come sail away with me.

I will most skillfully my vessel pilot to a place
Where you, my pretty passenger, with wonder on your face
Will stare at our surroundings in intense astonishment,
But my eyes will be fixed on you, my mind on your embrace.

I’ll toss the anchor to the rock to fix our vessel sure
And then I’ll anchor down myself upon my passenger.
The boat will rock, not from the waves, until our love is spent,
And I will memorize each part of your fine curvature.

Then all too soon the time will come when we must head for shore.
And from the helm I’ll hear you sing the songs that I adore.
The day will pass too swiftly by: that is my one lament,
But promise me that one day, dear, we’ll go back out for more.

Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved
From Dark Side of the Moon


2 Comments to “Sail Away with Me”

  1. Lovely images. A pleasure to read.

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