“Tea’s Spiritual Revive”

by Colly

zeka baby

The brand’s of tea – these are for tasting.

In seeking what whilst calm or revive.

To aid in relaxation – to holistically heal.

To ease pain and worry, strife, those ill’s.

Taste bud’s can change, depend the season.

Early Grey some say is the scent of the day.

As spring awakes and their head’s in a haze.

By floral’s that tend to congest and irritate.

Nay, others scorn such a quintessential leaf.

As Red Rose, package’s, they lean to – seek.

O green leaf your black tea, it is so grand!

From sea to sea its grace, etiquette, stands.

True, it may depend on one tastes, to sip.

Possibly it’s a visitation; a meet and greet.

A scheduled allowance for those in need;

for some timely chatter, gracious company.

To catch up on how they have been doing.

The need for connection,

it is a novice convention.

A spiritual bond to derive.

Yet, it my depend on if a room has a view.

And quiet introspection can steady, renew.

While all else will’s, seems, to pressure you.

The warmth of a cup, its familiar embrace.

In that ideal color, contour to fit in place.

So, everything else will, just, have to wait!

As respite time, with tea, salves my being.


5 Comments to ““Tea’s Spiritual Revive””

  1. The poem tastes as calming as my chamomile green tea ! 🙂

  2. 🙂 check out my blog too , I would be so glad 😃

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