Poem of the Day – Bleak Scratched Picture

by paturnerlee

Bleak Scratched Picture


Hanging barnacles,

Scraped from ships; for funeral windows

Covered in sheets to cover the able


Clamber on crumbling cliffs to see

The Sea


Tulip petals pealing

Touching weathered vases

Burnt by triangles


Mangling bricks to sawdust

With slices of lime squeezed in wonder

Gone with the wind blowing leaves of desire


Grieving for a lost memory; stemming from a story

Ignoring reality; creating a disaster


Unable to master the mind

Find a captive audience to display despair

Trust someone will care


They will out of duty

Feel suited to the disguise; until they pass their eyes on a guest

In disgust; the breathing is panting


Hello to a wall of darkness with little hope of light

Just a sleepless night

Tight intentions tricking the sleeping genes

It means nothing on the outside


Feather the bed that you lie in

The truth is too hard to sleep on


Nails driven in the back of the board

Busted fiction releases the tension

Not to mention the glass full of mustard


July 23rd 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright



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