Hand In Hand

by Charmed Chaos

Hand in Hand

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Once… love was gone
And we were forever alone
Save for the mournful loon

But now hand in hand
On the edge of the sand
We dance by the light of the moon


Spinning round and round
Our two souls unbound
Forgetting the sunrise is soon


Never stopping to ponder
This miraculous wonder
Caught up in our blissful swoon


So we twirl and we swirl
And our love wings unfurl
By the beautiful light of the moon.
Copyright © 2017 Linda Lee Lyberg


Previously posted on Charmed Chaos


6 Comments to “Hand In Hand”

  1. “Love wings unfurl” – that phraae is quite interesting. Like it or not, those wings are ever present albeit curled. Everyone has the power and the need to “unfurl”. Nice. Thanks for giving thoughts.

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