Cutting the Apron Strings

by Angela Umphers Rueger

Nursing the hungry infant
Weaning from breast and bottle
Teaching the toddler to walk
And talk
And obey
Potty training
Kissing the first skinned knee
First day of kindergarten
First ER trip for stitches
Pulling the first loose tooth
Elementary school friends, and “frienemies”
Mending the wounded heart
First field trip permission slip
First time away from home for summer camp
First music lesson
First music recital
Open house at the junior high
First science fair project
First “stay-up-all-night-over”
Learner’s permit
First “real” job
Driver’s license
First crush
First breakup
Mending the wounded heart, again
College entrance exam
High school prom
College scholarship applications
High school graduation
Thirteen-hour drive for the
College freshman
New routines and responsibilities
New friends
New sweetheart
Job fair
College graduation
Engagement—This is the one!
Back home, but not to stay
Wedding planner—
Maids and men
Musicians and minister
Flowers and food
Photographer and decorator
Announcements and invitations
Dresses and suits
Time, why must you fly so? What’s the rush?
Wedding day dawns

You’d think after all those little cuts over the years,
The final snip would not be so excruciating.

© 2017 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved
from The Abundant Heart


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