by Abigail Gronway

When I was sick and in such pain,
You hurt me over and again.
You had to have your daily thrill,
Came into me against my will.
There were so many other ways
We could have spent those dreadful days.
We could have made it good for both—
To love and cherish was our oath;
But you in selfishness made me
Take care of you, though painfully.

So is it any wonder, dear,
That I don’t want to hold you near?
You had your way with me back then,
You hurt me time and time again.
You turned my soft heart into stone
And made me wish I was alone.
Can we retrieve the wasted years?
Grab hope before it disappears?
Or will you still yet selfish be
And stubbornly refuse to see
The wall that has between us grown
And kept us two from being one?

Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved
from Dark Side of the Moon

2 Comments to “Wall”

  1. Beautiful expression! Heart wrenching, but depicts strength at the same time.

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