by jeyasivananth

At first

it tasted bitter.


I choked

unable to chew,


unable to spit

owing to pride,

I swallowed

hoping to

ram it down my gut,

praying to forget.

But it stayed


cramping, upsetting me

rotting from within

the stench, the nausea

from time to time

ailing me.


seeping into my vein,

clogging my outlets,

convulsing my heart,

paralyzing my thoughts.

Now, I lie

incurably sick

infected, poisoned

by the bite

of your Words!


9 Comments to “THE POISON”

  1. That was intense and well done!

  2. Excellent! A perfect example of why we shouldn’t let others negative words into our soul. A good reason to have inner shields and filters to keep poisoned words out? Kudos

  3. This sums up so well my thoughts and feelings. Recently had poisoned words spat at me from someone’s mouth! Thanks for this.

  4. Reblogged this on IDLE BRAIN.

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