I’m Nobody! Who Are You?

by Angela Umphers Rueger

I’m nobody. Who are you?
Had I never made that decision,
One day I might have been famous,
Running my world as I pleased,
Making lots of money,
Doing things my way,
Not quite happy—
In a crowd

I’m everybody. Even you!
I eat, sleep, work, dream—I even play.
I live from one day to the next,
Doing the best that I can,
Trying to make ends meet,
Seeking acceptance,
Unsure of the
Future, and

I’m somebody. Maybe you—
I gave all my “could-be” to Jesus;
He gave me a reason to live,
He forgave me all my sins,
He changed my perspective
From inward to out,
He LOVES me! Now—
I’m someone

Copyright © 1993 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved
from The Abundant Heart

3 Comments to “I’m Nobody! Who Are You?”

  1. A very good poem. Thanks for sharing!

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