Where Are The Clocks?

by Renwick Berchild

Where have all the clocks gone?
I cannot tell the time,

not without one strapped to my wrist,
or that rectangular block
producing radiation by my thigh.

My neighborhood has no church nearby.
No bells ring. Only the cars.

What happens when time becomes just another thing we carry?
I guess I still have the sun, the moon,

the incessant turning of the world.

5 Comments to “Where Are The Clocks?”

  1. It was delightful to read.

  2. Good piece. What i infer is that technology and other developments are pushing us away from organically dealing with things and the natural way of doing activities, the way we have been doing them for long.. Is there another perspective to this?

    • This little poem was actually inspired by my repeating problem of never knowing what time it is. I don’t take my mobile phone out with me anywhere, and I’ve never owned a wristwatch, so I’m constantly asking for the time from strangers and scouring stores for wall clocks (which didn’t use to be a problem) but now they’ve all gone!

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