For the Violent

by Harry

Submitted by Alice Wong









Because I, with an unloaded revolver, became a suicide bomber

While you, innocent, decided to buy terror

Because I, by fated attacks, was injured, but love was not

While, all the way from death, you came back, but humanity did not

Because, living in the bright, I beg for your darkness

While you, in twilight, pray me even more of self-destructiveness

Because I, with hurtful sins, allow the world to erode me by your lord

While you, with painful respite, defend with an unjust sword

Because I, just like loving many others, love you

While you, just as you hate yourself and the lovers, hate all my world too

Because I, a human, is no angel

And you, a beautiful one, is no devil

Therefore, anything, I will not conclude

But to leave you to pave your way with your mighty tools

Therefore my wound may, one day, heal your wound

but my deaths might not, in any way, give you all the life you consumed

Therefore I am, again, finally thoroughly away, but, regardless it all, again here to stay

Yet unworthy my words may be, and my soul, unnecessary, you may not see

Sordidly, turn on the house light

Pretending it is, humorously, for a mere artistic sight

Then, perhaps, we could say

That no words, at all, have been uttered

No time, at all, has been squandered

And no lives, at all, have been shattered


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