Going My Way

by Abigail Gronway

When first we met,
My sight was set:
I knew where I was bound.
You said your aim
Was quite the same,
And pretty soon I found
That you could be
So sweet to me,
And lift my feet from ground.
I thought that we
Were meant to be;
My heart began to pound.
It wasn’t till
Much later still,
Your lying words unwound.
You sealed my fate—
I learned too late—
And my dream ran aground.

Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved
from Dark Side of the Moon

4 Comments to “Going My Way”

  1. Dear Linda, Sadly this seems to happen more than we realize. A relationship on False Pretenses. This exact thing happened to a friend of mine in California, and she found out to late after getting married about all the lies and misrepresentations and the huge financial debt. Makes finding a true soulmate seem like winning the lotto, doesn’t it?

    • Pretty much. I wonder how long you have to date a person before you really know them? Is it even possible to know them before marriage? Or will they always put their best foot forward until it’s too late? Forgive me for rambling. I’m in a foul mood tonight.

      • Not a problem for me. You can probably never know everything since people react differently under stress or temptation that is not normally present. What I have heard is about 2 years in up close and intimate living. Tomorrow, tomorrow? Ha!
        Great Piece

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