We Are Connected

by Gina


Credit : my own : en route to America via Korea

Passengers on a journey to a place they must go
They talk about things no one else will know
Weave a story and maybe add some spice
To make their simple lives seem quite nice

Acquaintances keeping up the small talk
Exchange pleasantries like red roses on a stalk
Fragrant blossoms but with thorny stems
Their conversation stiff like cross stitched hems

Friends together on a lifetime adventure
You can only hear giggles and hearty laughter
Reminiscing melancholy stories that shake their bones
As they cross the miles and time zones

Lovers holding hands and sleeping temple to cheek
Speaking of joyful times and others that were bleak
Whispers in hushed tones and quick stolen kisses
Making promises and a million wishes

Travelers going in the same direction
Each with a different itinerary and intention
Bound together by time and space
Connected just by being in the same place

© 2017 Gina Gallyot – All rights Reserved


5 Comments to “We Are Connected”

  1. Wow! That last line was.. Chills.! Our life truly is a journey, there’s no better fitting metaphor. A long journey without a destination!

  2. Wow..life’s journey as told by you has become more inspiring..

    • Thanks Mich! I wrote this on a plane travelling between two stopovers observing the people around me, I always travel alone so it gives me a chance to really people watch! I love taking a journey to anywhere, I get really excited like a little kid!

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