Our little garden

by Jem Croucher

I love our little garden
and the space we have out here
It’s lovely in the summer
and at other times of year
And yes, it’s on the small side
but that’s the way it is
So we’re not that bothered by it
as there’s nothing here remiss

It’s actually quite helpful
as to keep this lovely view
it’s easier to keep in check
and less for us to do
And even though the shrubbery
can overwhelm sometimes
A quick trim with the shears
makes room for more sunshine

It’s lovely sitting out here
so we do whenever we
have time to sit and have a read
or sip a cup of tea
Or simply sit and just admire
for which I beg your pardon
As it really is just perfect here
in this our little garden


Photo – the poet’s garden – Jempics

7 Comments to “Our little garden”

  1. It reminds me of our garden. It’s too, a small garden throughout the side of our house. Talking about shrubs, man are they a problem? But we just don’t cut it, so it’s all over the stairs now. I personally don’t like to cut them, unless it disturbs neighbors.

  2. And your hedge clippers and tree chopper sitting on the table waiting for you 🙂

  3. And I hope someone holds the steps when your trimming 🙂

    I have a low maintenance garden no work at all.

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