Blessed Are Those

by pranabaxom

Blessed are those
Ambitions, tempered with reality
Expectations reined in
Happiness just a step away

From sharing roasted peanuts
With  a loving family
Content dog wagging a happy tail
At their footsteps
Driven not by the fantasy
Of the latest model of
Ultimate driving machine
With the roof down
On the highway
Home, a house not defined
By infinite square feets
Monstrosities crowding for
A view in the driveway
Blessed are those
Battle hardened souls
In the constant war
Of upward mobility
Defeated but not vanquished
Days starting with
Genuine Good Morning
Sharing their good fortune
Still singing a happy tune
Happy to be alive
Waltzing through their daily chores
Glorious sunsets
Still miles away on the horizon
Behind many distant sand dunes


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