by Tanya

Haunts me more
Than it ever did before
For it has a longer history to pour

I stick to myself
Holding tight I wonder
More about the consequences
That could have been well mended

Makes me ponder
over what had been the future,
had I reacted there and then?
If I had reacted differently,
had there been a change in what I now pen?

And I am sure
I would have still thought the same
I would have again thought about it more
Just to end it on an entirely different note:
A more calmer, peaceful and blessed door
Would have been my then thought..

I need to realise more
That past is a foregone conclusion
An experience to learn from
To focus on the present
With the learnt moral
and just move on
As Time for you will never halt!


7 Comments to “PAST”

  1. Beautiful poem! I wonder if there’s a name for this form. It sounds intriguing.

  2. Nice poem, have a look here and see if you can find it, it may be shape poetry.

    • Thank you Harry…! 🙂 🙂
      And for the link too..I think shape poetry would be fine but have you come across a form wherein the next stanza starts from a word picked up from the second line of the previous stanza..? Because that’s how I wrote it without focussing on the shape…

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