Air Mail

by Abigail Gronway

Crescent Moon

Surrounded by majestic mountains
Newly shrouded in night
Their silhouettes barely visible
Beneath a crescent moon
I stand by the porch rail
And gaze up at the sea
Of stars in blackened sky
Wishing with all my heart
That you could be there
Standing beside me

Your arm steals around me
Nesting comfortably in the small of my back
Your warm hand on my hip
Holds me close
Mine imitates yours and then
My head takes its rest
Upon your shoulder
As my ear attunes itself
To the rhythmic patter of your heart
Beating in sync with mine

You turn your gaze toward another sparkle
Two blue stars in a constellation
That shines for you alone
Red lips part longingly
And just before they touch
The vision fades
And I am forced
To send my kiss into the air
Trusting that it will find its way to you
And you to me

Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved
Photo Copyright © 2014 Encore Enterprises – All Rights Reserved
From Dark Side of the Moon


5 Responses to “Air Mail”

  1. Beautiful poem! The scenery itself sets it apart!


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