by markfahmy


How can you give up on the only self..
that never gave up on you?

How can you put a full stop to a story..
that involves other people too?

How can you choose to take away from this world..
all that is sweet and true?

Don’t you understand that each breath that you have..
is alive for both me and you?

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10 Comments to “How?”

  1. Wow! Such an inspiring poem!

  2. A very touching poem. I’ve been there. Several times I attempted to take my life, and God always intervened and made my efforts useless. I was selfish, but I didn’t see it that way back then. I thought I was doing others a favor, not realizing that they would have to bear the pain of my action had I been allowed by God to succeed.

  3. My wife has depression for 2 years now, its so hard to get rid of, glad your better.

  4. This is a touchingly beautiful poem.

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