by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm  


My heart has been searching for a long time

wandering along on the roads my head chose


an unwitting and unwilling companion

to the choices that were made

along the way, without a say

from my heart


and after all my heart’s been through

it finally knew, the time had come

to say, “Enough”


“I’ve longed for a life and a love

to match my gypsy soul

and I shall search

and I shall find it


I may not know

the path to take

I may take

The Road Not Taken


I need the Joy

of the gypsy life

and a Love to fill each day

and so I’ll have to take control

and Our Soul and I shall lead”


and at last my mind surrendered

for it had longings too

and with words so

softly spoken,

in a sweetly yearning voice


“I will let my heart lead me

and love a gypsy life”

© Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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11 Comments to “I WILL LET MY HEART LEAD ME”

  1. Wise decision! I wish for all to have that courage to make that choice!

  2. Let your heart indeed lead you..

  3. Very beautiful poem. But leading the gypsy life is not so easy to do.

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