by Angela Umphers Rueger

One night I dreamt a dream that made me fear:
My children old were grown, and I, near dead.
I yearned to see them once more gather near,
But they refused to come around my bed.
So, dreaming still, I begged them, “Please come here.”
“We don’t have time to visit you,” they said.
“When we were young and wanted time with you,
You always said that you had work to do.”

Awake, I pinched myself: yes, living still;
I ran to see the children: they were young.
We planted seeds in pots on windowsill,
We left no children’s song we knew unsung,
We went outside to hear the whippoorwill,
And even tried to touch our nose with tongue.
This poetry can wait another day,
But right now I have kids who want to play.

Originally posted on The Abundant Heart.

16 Comments to “Priorities”

  1. Really nice poem… Deep thoughts.. beautifully written..amazing!!

  2. Amazing! Loved the line, this poetry can wait…

    Well done!

  3. “She loves, cares and never complains,
    She’s Panacea who takes away my pains.”
    Read an ode on “Mother” at
    Hope you will like it. Don’t forget to leave a comment as it’s precious. 🙂

  4. The ending was amazing, there’s nothing worse for kids than parents who won’t spend time. It’s just makes me happy to see you realize that!

  5. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:

    Please Welcome back Our Friend Angela Umphers Rueger from the Abundant Heart blog. Here is her excellent work “Priorities” a “Cats In The Cradle” type look at the priorities we make in our life! Number one on Poet’s Corner yesterday. Please visit Angela’s blog. Please Enjoy!

  6. Wonderful words. My children are now all grown – but they’ve all kept the sense of wonder we sewed the seeds of all those years ago – so they still play. It’s all about the joie de vivre. And my children have that in buckets!

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