Sensing the Sea

by Abigail Gronway

She gazed upon the backdrop, bright
With hues of sky-blue-pink,
And wandered, hardly knowing quite
Where each new step would sink.

The warm wind tossed her auburn hair,
Dropped salt upon her lips,
And brought to her the fragrant air,
As if on laden ships.

She paused a while and tuned her ear
Toward the shore birds’ cry,
Which came unseemly loud and clear
Above the ocean’s sigh.

The sand retained her prints complete,
But only for a while;
For the frothy waves that bathed her feet
Erased all but her smile.

Also posted on Dark Side of the Moon


5 Comments to “Sensing the Sea”

  1. Exquisite use of the common metre which sets the poem in a soothingly wavelike rhythm where the dreamy imagery is unravelled, as unforced as the ebbing and flowing of the sea. Marvellous.

  2. My Dear Linda, This is really soft and flowing piece that make it seem that I am walking right beside You and seeing all that You see and feel! Ooo, that sounds lovely and fun! Great imagery! Loved the last two lines.

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