At that Moment

by Harry

Submitted by Zenei


At that Moment

You probably wanted to be done with it,

the water couldn’t be colder than this world.

You probably thought it was all lost,

that it would only end with the last of you.

Were you praying in your heart

or cursing out loud?

Could you steal a last glance?

At that moment

when you stood at the edge,

guns pointed at you, mocking and teasing.

At that moment

When you knew you couldn’t escape,

when he also stood there faced with the same fate.

I’m sure you didn’t know then

that strangers would weep for you,

many years from that moment

when you were standing at the edge.

(Written at Shoes on the Danube bank, Budapest)

2 Comments to “At that Moment”

  1. Very powerful writing, thank you for sharing!

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