African Children

by Harry

Submitted by hitalot879


Written by: Mario Vitale
African Children

they sleep at night with belly’s empty
rolling in the dirt to comfort their sore’s
hands, eyes, feet
Marley & Tosh sang of their freedom’s cry

Torn illumination
Elephant screams
Disappearing act through the night
A call to provide U.N.I.C.E.F. to their great cause

Blood soaked streets with the militia in upheaval
tired politicians in support of apartheid
run to the hills with cheap thrills
A balance of power

Mandela’s voice is still heard beyond the grave
Desmond Tutu reclaims his title and cause for freedom’s cry
Bono can only do so much
A beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love

Equal rights & justice for all of Africa’s children
how you had fought so hard and fierce
there truest love is gone from here
A challenge to be free is a question of time

One solution is using their minds
Living on the edge and its going to their heads
Sitting up at night all alone in bed
Following the rainbow to the sky

We see a vision of them pass right by
There war were in is almost over
It’s so hard to believe but they love each other.
Celebrate Beko and the freedom’s call


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