by thereluctantpoet


By  Charles Robert Lindholm


A simple question, Will you?

I heard you say, “I do”!

and I thought it was forever

I believed that it was true


And it was oh, so thrilling

to know that you were willing

to live your life

“In Love” with me


But slowly day by day

Time has washed away

the “In Love” feeling

you used to feel


No longer stars exploding

as my life began imploding

when I heard the words

“I don’t love you anymore”


The Circle of Life

and face it we must

from lust to love

and then back to dust


I am

just dust

dust in the wind

as I’m blown away


Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

No worries!  I’m fine.  This is just Driftwood from a life lived long ago.


  1. Ahhh you are now becoming one of my favorite love poet..this is beautiful..

    • Oh My Friend! You really know how to turn a poet’s head. Ha! That is such an honor for me! I so appreciate Your every view and especially your thoughtful comments! Driftwood Memories from the past!

  2. I walk the same path with you
    Thanks for the read

    • I’m sorry to hear that of You, My Friend. Not fun but I can tell You there is hope! The 3rd time has been the charm for me – 17 years. I have these Driftwood Memories from the past wash up on shore from time to time. Please read my “Thank You For Leaving Me” and “Why Would You Want To Live With Someone Who Is Not In Love With You?”. Thank you so much for Your support and visits!! I love Muses too!

  3. And we are blown away with this piece.. excellent write!

  4. Having been married for 40+ years, I have no knowledge in this matter. But through your words, you have made me feel the sadness and pain. A wonderful piece of imagery.

    • Well Sir, You have my congratulations for having avoided this. I am encouraged to learn that Your Heart and Soul has empathy and understanding for those that have had detours and stumbles in Life!! Kudos to You. Thank You for visiting me and my words. I hope that You will always find them worthy of Your time and interest!

    • Ha! You, My Friend – Crack me up! I am sure if You head back through my Archives You will change Your mind!!! But, I am humbled and honored that You would think that and then be brave enough to put it down in words! I appreciate so much Your comments and Friendship!

  5. “As my life began imploding”- I know how that feels. Happy you and i are in a better place now.

  6. Yes, My Dear, it surely is wonderful to have “The Dark Days” behind me. Still, I do get “Driftwood Memories from the past every now and then. Love You writing! Thanks so much for visiting my words! Hope You found them worthy of Your time!

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