Before We Sleep

by To Be Determined

Driving. Driven for miles and miles.
Accelerator leg begins to ache,
A nerve end grown annoyed at the stillness.
Seat adjusted forward, up, down, and back
Nothing calms the temperamental child
Tossing tantrums on my cheeks: sneak attack!
Stop. Stop! STOP! Get OUT! Put out this fire!

Still driving. Driven miles and miles.
Feigning appeasement, the car pulls over
To buy plain M&Ms, update profiles.
One more nut and insanity will takeover.
Sane fall like leaves from trees coloring woods
Like blood’s first taste of O 2, but too soon
To brown, dried, crunching, trampled underfoot.

So many more miles to drive before
We sleep, a tree standing naked beside
The road reminds me to watch her disrobe.
Teasing me, knowing a firm nipple slides
Free from lace to arouse voices lost deep
Inside my head: Wake up, you grim weeper
Promise me one more song before we sleep.


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