The monkey of the mind

by Harry

Submitted by Jerry Mcwilliams


There is a monkey in my mind. He never sleeps.
Boundless energy, always seeks…Something else.
This monkey never shuts up. He even foils my dreams
Peace may come. but not with him…Cannot think…
Primal screams.

The monkey needn’t be quiet at all times to be sure.
But when I am trying to THINK and he is BANGING ON MY DOOR
A gentle SHUT THE HELL UP! is sometimes called for.
The monkey is me and I am He. The monkey does not, however,
choose my destiny.

There is another me who is not quite free, but must live in harmony with
mister monkey. The other me understands the monkey and knows that he is not fit to lead.
The monkey is not wicked you see. He is just another part of me. He has his hour to run free..
To be honest probably much more.. If the monkey was all that I were…Trust me,
You would not want me knocking on your door.

2 Comments to “The monkey of the mind”

  1. Ok, but I’m hearing voices? Ha! I think I will stick with My Beloved Muse.

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