The Purple Tree

by Jem Croucher

The tree was purple, all lit up
in the middle of the night
Came across it suddenly
all shiny there and bright

Spent a good few moments
beneath its leafy boughs
In awe of its magnificence
emotions to arouse

Prince there of the woodland
the homage paid by this
illumination glorified
was beautifully amiss


The purple tree was part of the ‘For the Birds’ experience at this May’s Brighton Festival. For more about that, see this.

Photo – Jempics


5 Comments to “The Purple Tree”

  1. There’s a purple tree in my neighborhood. Okay, sometimes purple, other times red, green, or a combination of colors. The first time I saw it on one of my evening walks, it looked rather spooky; but now I look forward to seeing what new theme they’ve given the tree.

  2. Lovely picture, Jem, and a great poem to go with it.

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