Just One Chance

by Angela Umphers Rueger

Though Bobby Manning little knew
The trouble he’d be in,
He saw Matumbu beat a girl
And socked him in the chin.

That bully was a diplomat
And had immunity.
He promised he would set the score
With no impunity.

The race was on. The FBI
Must find his weakest link
Before poor Bobby’s whole career
Went swirling down the sink.

“We found the proof we need,” they hailed.
The State Department said,
“You have one chance to prove you’re right,
Or we will have your head.”

Then opening the shipping crate—
The sight was so abrupt—
They saw poor slaves awaiting trade;
They locked Matumbu up.

Written for class. The assignment was to write a ballad in no more than five 4-line stanzas about a favorite TV show. I chose an episode from Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye.

2 Comments to “Just One Chance”

  1. What a great ballad! It seems You have had talents for “Many Moons”! Thank You, Angela for digging this out of Your archives and sharing with us! I’m sure I know the answer – You got an “A”?? Yet, another great back story from You!! Bravo for You, Angela – and – for the younger You! You both have earned boxes of of Gold Stars and Hearts!

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