A Kiss With The Sky

by Linda Lee Lyberg

Art pair of swans in love floating on the water at sunrise of th

A Kiss With The Sky

-Linda Lee Lyberg

A kiss with the sky
Above and below
Feet planted
On terra firma
A gentle wind caressing
My soft sun-kissed cheek.

An innocent morning kiss
Untamed and unleashed
As my soul takes flight
Up to the azure sky
With my quivering body
Fluid,trembling, and weak.

The kiss, once airy
Now over and done
My feet with regret re-anchor
To the cold unyielding earth
I’m tethered once more
Yet my heart still longingly seeks.

That sweet elusive moment
When we are as one
In flesh and heavenly soul
That pure magic spell
When together we meld
Leaving no need to speak.

3 Comments to “A Kiss With The Sky”

  1. 😦

  2. Don’t regret. Just trust

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