Poem of the Day – Yes Ports Are Full

by paturnerlee

Yes Ports Are Full


High placed scenario: fallen from grace

Displaced; washing winds away

Corked eyes misty and sick of feeling.


Hiding from slapped on make up

Grease under elbow

Fluffed up like a feather pillow


Trusting bust up will carve out new future

Burning rubbish to keep the pigeons from staying

Propped open window to beckon them away

Fraught with problems and tired eyes


He sees his rattling cage

Raging to escape the constant prison of his mind

Decide deriding dialogue and beat off the inconsistent treadmill

Fill the glass with all and plenty


Friends toss gestures in crevices displayed and hanging

Banging on about what is right and wrong


Children understand the best

Its in their nature.





June 1st 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright


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