At Last,1987

by Linda Lee Lyberg

Depositphotos_42380689_s-2015At Last

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Standing in a darkened hall

Hesitating, yet hearing your heart’s call.

At Last a kiss,

Oh what sweet release!

Will this euphoric feeling

Ever cease?

Written on my face

Our brief embrace,

My thudding heart continues to race.

Questions coursing through my brain

Searching for answers,

All in vain.

Are you a lover

From some distant past?

Have we found each other

At last?

Are we to live out our fate

In this highly charged

Emotional State?

There are no answers, only feelings

Hearts pounding and

Heads reeling.

Warm inviting lips, strong hands

Caressing my hair

This gentleness you offer to me

Is so rare.

I know not where this is leading

Nor do I care

I only know

I want you

I need you

Are you there?

6 Comments to “At Last,1987”

  1. Beautiful. The last six lines are the ones everyone must ask each day. Thanks for writing.

  2. lovely poem, nudged the romantic in me

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