An Empty Easter

by Harry

Submitted by Morris Friedman


I went to the hospital today
It was very very far away.
I had to check in at the nurses station
and sat in a room full of anticipation.
As I received the news,
I began to cry,
all they could ask is why?
They told me everything would be fine
I said goodbye and got in line.

You see, I was never going to be fine again.

My visit was to see what used to be
my mother.
Years ago, she lost herself in herself,
we never knew what was happening.
She would lie in front of the tv or read a book
but couldn’t hear a thing.
Then she stopped remembering life
and like an anchor, she descended
into darkness and strife.
It was for her own good to be placed in a ward,
where people can’t remember
the life they’re headed toward.

I could see the nurses expression
as they saw my face,
and they knew I had to get out
of that place.

I kissed my mother on her forehead,
as the tears inside me bled.
I wondered if she remembered
anything about the life she led.

I walked out in the salty Florida air
and I left my mother in their care.
All I had were pictures of my
mother staring with emptiness
on her face,
an emptiness that is inside me
as I look at her pictures
with tears rolling down my face.


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