Journeys End

by Harry

Name: সূর্য গুপ্ত


We walked a long way together the 2 of us

We shared a lot of time. We have done stuff ordinary things

Not worth talking about much less write it down

But not every journey can be forever. Sometimes we need to part.

We shouldn’t need to lie. You shouldn’t have to cry.

There is more to life than just to bear a cross and watch love die.

It’s a ugly way that old love will end. It cruel and its slow.

Doing things and saying words each a hammer blow.

will you understand the reason I need to be free

I want is to be out of this life thats lost all meaning for me.

Will I be able to do the right thing – all this time will tell

We wanted to be happy u and me – how did we end up living in hell.


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