by Sebastian St.John Montgomery-Greystoke

LONDONSirens. Busses. Polluted air

Millions of strangers, none of whom care.


Hard-faced ladies. Unloving boys

Dirt. Construction. Non-stop noise.


Go.  Stop. Avoid the lorry

All in a rush, all in a hurry.


Beggar. Banker. Arch-Bishop. MP

All pad these streets, same sights do they see.


No place to come if you’re lacking in purpose

If quietude you seek, stay away from this circus.


Poor, unwary, or something of a coward

Stay away from this city or you’ll soon be devoured.


Give me a forest, or some rolling green hills

A place I can live without resorting to pills.


Keep your six figure salary, your tedious commute

I prefer muddy boots to a pin-stripe suit.


For you London has that magic allure

It’s not for me. I’d rather be up on the Moor

One Comment to “London”

  1. Thanks James but don’t forget the tags

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