by Harry

Submitted by Mahin


i want to drive away,
not until the sunset but till the tires burn out
i want to stay up,
not until the clock strikes midnight but till it strikes twelve more
i want to burn a light,
not until it extinguishes but till science does too
i want to parent a pet,
not until it is dead but till it is extinct

i want to plant a seed,
not until it grows but till it embraces the sky
i want to take pictures,
not until i run out of space but till my eyes run out of ink
i want to dance,
not until we tire but till earth is rid of sound
i want to laugh,
not until i cry but till i forget how to be happy
i want to be held,
not until it feels too tight but till it cracks my bones

and even with all the time i want,
time is not enough
not when time is what i want,
when i want it with you


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