Seagulls passing

by Jem Croucher

Sitting in the sunshine
by the river at high tide
A seagull came and perched
on the railings by my side
We had a little chat
as it seemed the thing to do
Passing a few pleasantries
before away he flew

And I stayed a while and pondered
of how fortunate was I
to live in such a lovely place
with seagulls passing by

Photo – Jempics


6 Comments to “Seagulls passing”

  1. Hi Jem, that was a really sweet poem. when one is reading through blogs of poetry of intensity, sorrows, darkness and then chance upon something ass simple and jovial as this its quite pleasant. thank you.

    • You’re very welcome :D. (Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are essentially just three types of poets – those who write of love, those who write of angst and those who write of smiles. I’m firmly in the latter!)

      • Well i am certainly grateful poets of the third kind. I myself am a amateur poet. I dont know which category i fall into. don’t know if i am a poet at all. But please do go through my poems and follow if you like any. Thanks

  2. Very nice poem! We’ve got too many seagulls in Torquay, lots of conversation partners 😉

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