Garden at Night

by kim blades, writer

At night the garden is a  cool and silvered place

beauteous, calm and free.

The beaming sun has sunk

into its bed of tranquillity

and the shimmering moon has risen

and sails the dark, impenetrable sky

with soothing silver majesty.

Tall trees are crowned with similar wealth

their leaves dancing and glittering

with moonshine and starlight

twinkling down from the milky way.

Crickets sing and fireflies dance

near the water, my dogs are entranced,

a whole new world of creatures

to sniff out and play with in delight

in the garden at night.




8 Comments to “Garden at Night”

  1. You forgot again Kim 🙂

  2. Thanks Harry. I didn’t forget the line break. I put it in after ‘with soothing silver majesty.’ I don’t know why they are not showing here. That’s the third time now.

    • I meant the tags etc 🙂 if it does not work when your typing it go to the text editor and it will always work, I always use the text editor even to write.

  3. beautiful work kim 🙂

    you should check out
    for poetry and literature.

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