Amber’s Youth

by Harry

Submitted by Joey Ingram
Amber spent her childhood
In the slaughterhouse of all childhoods
Her ma was a street poet
Her pa was a mad drunk
And believed in a thorough education of violence
Pots and pans would fly out the window
And there would be young amber
Trying to see the light
Her ma would get beat on a regular basis
It was a challenge indeed to make amber smile

Usually I blabbed about baseball to her
With her not listening
Amber some days wouldn’t say nothing
And some days not even be at school
She told me one day the biggest mountains
Are gonna crumble to the sea

Well many moons and many used umbrellas later
She came back to that house of horror
Her ma long gone at some rubber room institution
But her pa sat there watching
Monday night football

But some other score was about to be settled

She sat in her car loaded the .44

And drank a cold beer

Then knocked on the front door

The old’ bastard got up

And that’s when he caught the bullets

With his head

It was a bloodbath

And she was right, the biggest mountains

Crumble to the sea




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