Day Four (Rodmell to Alfriston)

by Jem Croucher

Arriving here at Alfriston
we found the Smugglers Inne
A sixteenth century ale house
for the sale of beer and gin
And although it’s not imposing
many secrets here it hides
for behind its small exterior
more than twenty rooms inside

And more than forty doors
with six staircases to boot
All there to fool the Customs Men
when hiding all the loot
For us though there was purpose
which provided lots of cheer
A welcome stopping point to rest
and have a well-earned beer


Over five days, starting on Tuesday 2 May, my brother and I walked the second half of the South Downs Way – from Washington in West Sussex to Eastbourne in East Sussex. Day four was from Rodmell to Alfriston.

The Smugglers Inne at Alfriston has late 16th century origins and was originally called ‘The Crossstone Beerhouse’. In the early 19th century it was home to one Stanton Collins, the leader of the Alfriston gang of smugglers, who extensively remodelled its interior to provide hiding places and boltholes from the Customs Men. It has 21 rooms, 48 doors and 6 staircases. Photo – Jempics

2 Comments to “Day Four (Rodmell to Alfriston)”

  1. Lovely relaxed rhyming. One of your best I think

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