Melaka #5 – Listening, Lapping

by To Be Determined

Wakes’ waves lap gently this morning,
Like a tired strait wanting relief from carrying the weight
Of our detritus, debris and trash.

It courageously returns some we have tossed out,
Gathered in lines like fallen soldiers
Being organized for shipment to Dover.

“I have been carrying you for so long,”
Laps the mouth of the river
“You tire me, you tore me
Apart from the playful children I loved
Gathering with glee to speak to me.
Always the quiet mind of boys and girls
Hears things we all wish you could hear
We all know
You need to hear.
Here we communed to live.
We know we were.
Now the children are old men,
Exercising to exorcise guilt
Eaten into their waist lines,
Wasted days lost
Not talking to me,
Not talking to me.”


One Comment to “Melaka #5 – Listening, Lapping”

  1. Excellent piece, My Friend! Loved the line – “Now the children are old men,” A splash of reality! Gee, thanks! LOL!

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