by Frank Hubeny

While algae’s greening in the swamp
And ogres in the forest romp,
The villagers would have a dance,
A masquerade, and take a chance
Some ogre with a fairy might
Pretend to waltz then start a fight.

They’ve never liked each other much
Although it’s heard they sometimes touch.
It’s even heard they sometimes kiss!
But I’d doubt all reports of this.
It’s rumored that they even love.
What can these fools be thinking of?

The dance will give them roles to play.
For some there might be words to say.
It’s safe to meet behind disguise
To look into each other’s eyes.
Of course, they know what each has done,
But from the present, who can run?

We’ll have that dance, no matter what.
Yes, worried folks will worry, but
Tonight we’ll take a chance on change.
Let something, somewhere rearrange,
Then, whether they like it or not,
They’ll get the love they’ve always got.

32 Comments to “Dance”

  1. Frank, this is beautiful! 🙄

  2. A very different tone…beautiful opening lines….hope and chance to changes at the end makes it more mysteriously beautiful!

  3. This is a fantastic poem, Frank. I love it.

  4. So inventive, creative and playful – Nicely done!!!!

  5. Fun story about our artificial separations that can break down with cooperation and further, maybe into actual love. Rhyme and rhythm were perfect for that.

  6. Take a chance and dance away~ Love the rhyming verses Frank ~ Happy weekend ~

  7. What a fun creative work Frank, love the rhyme and how easily it rolls of the tongue…

  8. What better way to meet your enemies? Dance the night away, an ogre pretending to be a fairy, or vice versa. Ha ha, great rhyme Frank

  9. Love the imagery and the rhyme!

  10. Absolutely wonderful, Frank.The smoothness of this is intoxicating. Bravo!

  11. I like the whimsical tone and pace of this. And the rhymes are quite fun.

  12. Lovely Frank – and love the dancing rhythm of your words.
    Anna :o]

  13. What a fun fantasy of ogres and fairies. It lilts along with charming rhyme and rhythm. Bravo!

  14. What a beautiful tale! Also, this is the kind of poem one would love to read aloud; it has such a perfect rhyme.

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