Boy and girl, heaven and hell

by Harry

Submitted by Joey Ingram
“Boy and girl, heaven and hell”
Next door, a war has broken out. A boy chasing a girl with a frog. She helplessly falls down in the road as the boy puts the frog down her shirt. The blooming of spring has decisively begun. There are threats from the girl “I’m gonna kill you”, she declares, the boy has no idea what’s ahead for him, what hell awaits, they’ll soon be driving each other mad. The moments now are fun and things will be said, hearts will be broken, love songs blared through the speakers and the middle school dance, the heart strings being plucked for the first time. I can only think, do they still play Bon Jovi songs?
Bluebird November 26 2016

I graduated into a bluebird
Singing romantic twist-abouts in dark tiny corners on Isolation Avenue
Where the living is cheap and the dying peaceful
Now they come by and see me Ham it up on the stages of all stages,
Me in my Macy’s day suit, magnificent but shut down
Fatigue is her middle name and she welcomes herself to others as Tall white milk
And feels fragile, melting before this farewell crowd of wood-eyed broken men
That worked in bomb factories, well shared agonies here,
Is there any other kind you ask, as I look up my good deed is done
And the song has finished but they want more,
I soak them with a Billie Holiday number,
My heart is your slave and can no longer whip into existence,
How you would interfere with this hunger,
Precision my love, shine on


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