This Afternoon in My Garden

by kim blades, writer

Small brown birds

busily pecking up

tiny seeds from the sand –

they do not let up,the male bird is slightly larger

and darker on top

than his rather drab mate

but together they hop,

across earth red bricks

warmed by the sun

into gold winter grass,

birds twitter, bees hum.

Doves and weaver birds

join the sparrows on the grass,

they mingle quite happily

as seeds and ants are not sparse.

Mousebirds hang from stems

of nearby chilli bushes,

eating the ripe fruit

whose fire causes hot flushes.

The mauve/grey doves

finish feeding and relax

huddling down in a sand patch

dappled sun on their backs.

It is late afternoon

and the weather is a balm

twirls of mare’s tail clouds

in a sky blue and calm.

A beautiful autumn day

coloured green, brown and gold

lush foliage, dusty earth

and the blooms of marigold.



2 Comments to “This Afternoon in My Garden”

  1. A splendid poem, Kim. I loved your depiction of the little birds foraging in the sunshine.

  2. Thanks Robbie. They are very relaxing to watch.

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