Melaka #1 – The First Walk

by To Be Determined

Along the riverside, boats flooded with passengers
Power opposite my direction meandering around
Until I find a bridge across. On the other side
My ride awaits with luggage and books and
…things to bring along with me after the walk.

I feel a little suffocation, here, in the city
Tourists and locals stare at me, escaped
From his cage, a zoo animal. Their smiles arm
Against me dragging them into the jungle
Beating their heads against rocks for brains.

Gruesome. I feel like a gentle soul more equipped
To climb trees with my heart than my fists or tales.
Where are the quiet breezes carrying the leaves’
Rustled whispers for me to decipher like secret code
Told by two childhood friends, now grey and limp.

This walk, these people, this poem all share
Ancestry: I will taste the common element
Like a cook mastering stew for our dinner.
Many flavors combined into deliciousness.
How it happened, in the end, doesn’t matter.


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