Dreamt Invitation

by Harry

Submitted by  Aurora Phoenix


Let’s meet for coffee, shall we?

I’ll be the one sipping
a blended oxymoron
of weary resignation
with drizzled half-skim
avid advocacy
sugar sprinkled
of frothy futile hopes

You’ll know me by the tilt
of my eloquent anguish
and the haunting lilt
in my punned gibberish

I’ll know you by the volumes
you carry in your eyes
dust-jacketed to cherish
shiny with repeated caressings

We’ll talk about the weather
in the dissection of a cloud
we’ll unveil a thousand
Pharaohed secrets
of wealth and majesty

Let’s meet in the park and walk.

I’ll be the wilted
hot-house orchid
hybrid hearty with saguaro
stubbornly standing tall

You’ll know me by
my fuschiaed veil
of sinuous chagrin
hidden amongst
my tresses nonchalant

I’ll know you by the myriad
hearts you swaddle in your ears
birthing and re-birthing
with every tortured listen
to convoluted tales

We can analyze a movie
neither one of us has seen
in the sham review
we reverently screen
Amazonian peace and durability

Let’s meet and drink a toast

We’ll savor a buttered melon sip
to all the yous I am

We’ll relish a foamy-headed swallow
of all the mes you’ll be

We’ll revel in a stiff spirited swig
to all the us-es no one
will ever ever see


5 Comments to “Dreamt Invitation”

  1. Absolutely love every line. Amazing.

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