by Harry

Submitted by Cinthia Carolina


We are virgins, mothers, curves and Goddesses
Faces, breasts, lips and hair
Dreams of Princes and Knights
Tears of sorrow from broken hearts
Tired hips and sunken eyes
Hands that caress the faces of angels
Desires born from the depths of our hearts

Dreams shaken from our hips
From the womb we create the divine
From our mouths words of love pours out
Unfinished dreams from the depth of our souls
Addictions that break our soft petals and warm hearts
Soft peach desiring touch and eternity
Tenderness to be explored and a labyrinth of discoveries
A mystery that never ends and delicate waves of flesh
The scent of flowers runs through our loving veins
Elegance from the neck to the curve of our back where you can find our hidden crave
Nectar that pours from the middle earth
Arms that can hold life, sorrow, and solitude
Tears in our faces from joy and pain
Vast is our space between our breasts
Our lips go about perfuming the earth
Cinthia Carolina

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