Unexpected Appointments Divine

by 50djohnson


People are searching for peace and fulfillment.  In my opinion, there is only one place from which peace comes and that is from reading the Word at the Father’s feet.  “In the presence of Jehovah, God Almighty, Prince of Peace.  Troubles vanish, hearts are mended, in the presence of the King.” This line is from a song sung by Damaris


Carbaugh. It never fails to touch my heart at the core.  My former pastor Dr. D.L. Lowrie, shared his favorite verse with me. It is, ” I die daily.”  If you put Him on the throne of your life , YOU must get off of it and “die to your selfishness.  It is so hard not to focus on our wants and desires instead of asking God to reveal to you His wants and desires to be made manifest through you each day. It is the only way to peace.  Look at each day as an opportunity to be surprised at what God wants to do through you each day.  Pray each morning for this to be revealed through the day and for God to open your eyes at every opportunity to reveal His plans as to how He wants to use you to further His kingdom and bring Him glory.  Life just seems to be so out of control because the truth is we NO control over anything! So, how do I stay focused?  Moment by moment calling out His name, for His presence to go before me is one way. Another way, is to listen to music that will fill me with His Word and His Glory. I want His anointing on me daily and get it by filling my mind and soul with His essence and as a result, His peace comes. When I don’t know what to do, when I don’t know what to pray, I lift my hands and run to Him.  As a result, His peace and Holy Spirit  will fall upon me, fill me, and cover me with His love and purpose.

Mending Hearts

Beginning my day by filling my soul with love only You can give,

Brings peace and fulfillment for which others search in knowing how to live.

Your Word brings life with each breath I take, showing me the way,

Where do I go today, what do I do, will You please lead the way ?

I want to follow You,  Lord, as I live my life and say what you want me to say.

People need the Lord, and are searching for joy every where you turn.

If only they knew in their soul of souls , it is You for which they yearn.

Many have never heard of the protective shadow beneath your wing.

How their hearts would leap and cry out for joy, making their souls sing,

If only someone would look in their eyes and see their soul’s searching pain.

If only someone shared that giving your life to Christ is nothing lost, everything gained.

Let it be me, Lord, to lead those searching to You. Open my eyes and my heart to see

Broken and wounded hearts standing there, just begging to be free.

Let it be me as I walk close to you and feel Your nudge on my life

To see  those broken hearts and show them how to be free to live without strife.

So, today, Lord, show me the joy you have in store for this precious day of mine,

By giving me Your gifts to share in those unexpected appointments divine.


“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in your sight, Oh Lord, My strength and my Redeemer.”  Psalm19:14 KJV


by -Debbie


Ask permission for content and photography from Debbie Johnson. 2017.


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