Follow Your Dream!

by Tanya

How long it has been,
For sure, time has been a little mean!
Working hours, days and nights,
Yet, not ‘that’ destination in sight!

Longing for that goal,
Will not help you achieve
Only love for it
Will only deceive!

Get up! Strive for it!
And it will be yours!
Work for it and you may fail..
But never let it drain!

Your lifetime is the only time
Chase your dream!
For trying will always pave a way out
But giving up would shout out loud!

A regret for not trying haunts
A satisfied heart and mind would never taunt
Reroute your way
to venture out of the dark!

For every tunnel ends with brightness
And as every deadend lets you create pathways
The same way, after every night
You will definitely see light!



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