Operator, I’d Like to Place a Call

by braveandrecklessblog

for Max, whose continued absence is an ache in my soul

the missing of you

is starting to feel like a small animal

gnawing at my heart

at my stomach

my world isn’t quite right

when I can’t be sure

that you are still in it

you have severed yourself from all the usual

technologies that you find so cold

sources of connected disconnection

I admire your ability to so fully reject this modern technology

but it leaves me with hands empty of you

my dear friend

I think about placing a call the old-fashioned way

but I am all out of quarters

and payphones have become almost extinct

only found in the Smithsonian

next to a manual typewriter

and Archie Bunker’s La-Z-Boy

you wouldn’t open the door

to a stranger

if I sent a telegram

I know you would appreciate the whimsy

of a tin can stretched between our houses

but I don’t have 2,700 miles of string

I try to connect with you through the ether

grab the thread of your vibrating frequency

but your beautiful colors are not calling out to me

the way they usually do

I must resort to inscribing a message

into the night sky

letting you know that you are loved

that you are missed

and hope that wherever you are

that you are looking up at the heavens


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



4 Comments to “Operator, I’d Like to Place a Call”

  1. You know that if you were a baseball player with a batting average You would have the highest average ever!! Wow! Loved this so much. You always seem to find a way to make me smile and push me to the edge of laughing in such an emotional and seriously sensitive piece! So gifted! Loved the lines –
    “my world isn’t quite right
    when I can’t be sure
    that you are still in it”
    so emotional and such yearning and grabs the heart! And then you go off on the “I’m all out of quarters” and the 2,700 miles of string, it’s like you unexpectedly hit my funnybone. Not nice in a melancholy piece! LOL! Bravo!

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