Autumn (in South Africa)

by kim blades, writer

A season of azure skies

umblemished by clouds

still, dusty air

and tranquil warmth.

Of variegated leafy bushes

blazing red, yellow and green

basking in the mature sunshine,

thrusting forth from brown earth.

Beetles, butterflies and moths’

shiny, irridescent wings

among scarlet hibiscus

and golden honeysuckle.

Autumn, you are vibrant,

colourful, fertile and fruitful –

a bejewelled and splendid

King of Seasons.



4 Comments to “Autumn (in South Africa)”

  1. Kim what am I to do with you 🙂 , nice poem btw.

  2. Very evocative with a nice lush feel. Feels like I am there although I’ve never been there.

  3. Thanks for the ‘likes’. Harry I did put the ‘read more’ line in after ‘tranquil warmth’. For some reason they haven’t come through on this site on ‘Autumn’ and the previous poem I published here.

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