First Love

by markfahmy


Do you remember
the very first time
you fell in love?
Staying awake
long past bedtime
on a school night

And the butterflies
you felt firing up
in your stomach
every time you
saw her eyes?

Do you remember
the innocent sweetness
of trying to reach
the illusive edges
of completeness?

And how your broken heart
felt at the end of it all?
As if your whole world
had fallen apart
and you had hit a wall

Your first love will always stay
special in its own way;
A distant memory
of being young and free
and of broken promises you made one day

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10 Comments to “First Love”

  1. oohhh those were the days ..brings back memories. .

  2. This is a lovely poem – hits the nail right on the head in such a nice way.

  3. We never forget our first love. 40 years later. I stll write for a distance memory.

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